About Us The Neuromedia Corner aims to share news and stimulate an effective dialogue about the state of the art of neuroscience technologies, their risks and benefits and the associated ethical and social issues.

The Neuromedia Corner is an idea of the bid - Brains in Dialogue project.
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1 September 2011- message from the bid team

Goodbye from the bid project

After three and a half years the bid - brains in dialogue project has come to an end. bid has been a great experience for us and, we hope, for all the scientists, patients, clinicians, lawyers, ethicists, journalists and lay citizens that attended the bid events we organized around Europe. A great thanks goes to all of them.
We hope that the interdisciplinary dialogue on neuroscience will go on and we are confident that what we did may be like a seed ready to sprout.
The neuromediacorner website will not be updated anymore, but all the articles, videos and documents uploaded on the way will remain at your disposal for some time. We hope these may be useful to you.
Many thanks and best wishes
The bid team 
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August 2011 - bid reporting

bid final conference - the reporting

The bid final conference "dialogue to dialogue" offered an overview on three and half years of bid activities as well as an opportunity to discuss key challenges and potential approaches to improve the dialogue between neuroscience and society. Here a short report on the conference and a video interview with Walter Glannon, bioethicist at the University of Calgary, Canada.
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August 2011 - bid webcast

Deep brain stimulation stopped my dystonic movements

Verona Butler, president of Action Dystonia Diagnosis Education & Research (A.D.D.E.R.), UK, tells us her story and her personal experience with DBS as treatment for Dystonia, the disorder that hit her. Interview made during the bid workshop on deep brain stimulation.
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August 2011 - bid webcast

Understanding the genetics of Parkinson's Disease

Nicholas Wood, neurogeneticist at UCL, UK, explains the recent advances in the genetics of Parkinson's Disease. Interview performed during the bid workshop on genetic testing.
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